Zim camp for me; is a time not to be missed!

As young people, we are surrounded by so much noise and activity, that it is near impossible to hear clearly from the Lord in these days. We all live such busy lives and have so many things competing for a slice of our time each day, that sadly the Lord often gets the dregs. A Friday night youth meeting is wonderful, but then Saturday morning comes fast and hard with its problems and its pressures, that the seed that had been sown the night before is either stolen, choked or can’t find ground to be rooted in. This is the reality of life.

This is why, Zim camp for me; is a time not to be missed!IMG_2780

It is a time where you are surrounded by brothers and sisters, where you are hearing the gospel everyday, where the seed is watered, where the distractions of life a on a RARE pause and where the outside world fades away for a moment.

Since being saved in 2006, I attended 7 camps in a row! Each one marked my life in a specific way, each one added a brick to the building of my life, each one confronted me and challenged me to serve Jesus more. I am now 30 years old and desperate to be on camp, as I know the fruit that comes out of these times

Young people!!!! Do not miss this years Zim camp, work, save, sell, borrow and do what needs doing, but do not miss this camp. Invite your brothers, sisters, friends and neighbours! Do not miss the camp!! It will leave you with a treasure that no man can steal.

Keegan O’Connell-Jones