The importance of everyday life

Returning from holidays to the ordinariness of life is never easy. Swopping the leisure and pleasure of holidays for routine and deadlines has us immediately wanting to plan the next holiday!

In Matthew 17, we find Peter, James and John plucked out of the ordinariness of everyday life into the glorious event of the transfiguration. It was an incredible experience to see Jesus, Moses and Elijah together. Not just the Jesus that they were used to but the glorious Jesus radiant before their eyes.

Peter’s response to this was very illuminating. He proposed that tents should be built and so they could remain in that glorious moment in time. Never mind the other disciples nor humanity that needed a Saviour. Peter wanted to remain in that moment of time.

Our flesh does not want to go back to the reality of everyday life after a special holiday or a time away from the ordinariness of life. Like Peter we want to remain and forget all the pressing need that everyday life asks of us.
Special times are a gift from the Lord to refresh, inspire or restore us but the real growth in our lives comes out of everyday life where we face challenges that confront our flesh, expose our weakness and cause us to turn to the Lord to change us day by day into his image.

Everyday life is the testing ground for our lives. It tests and reveals the attitudes and vagaries of our hearts and continually shows us our need of Jesus. I have seldom needed patience, perseverance, long suffering when cocooned by the dreamy, low pressure world that good holidays allow. No wonder our flesh resists the thought of reality that will come as we enter the pressure and confrontation of everyday life.

Peter, James and John were not expecting the transfiguration. It simply happened. The Lord brings into our lives, at the most unexpected times, those moments of refreshing. We do not need to strive but rather accept the reality of everyday life with all its rough edges and harshness and turn to Jesus in it and allow him to work in us that which is good and pleasing to him. In his time and in his way those amazing times of refreshing will come when we most need them.