Questions and challenges for this young generation- Jordan McKenzie


As our 21st century society gets more spiritually deprived and more technologically advanced, it craves a gospel that is somehow more understanding but less convicting of our sinful state.Nowadays, amidst the chaos of these present days, we turn to things of this world, somehow wishing and hoping that they will help us stay safe and make us happy. A bigger, better house or a good investment, maybe a new car or even drugs; where this does not work, thoughts of suicide just to suppress or stop the pain of life .image1

Instead we should be asking what happened to our first love for God, the acknowledgment of who Jesus is, His greatness, love, grace, power, mercy, awesomeness and forgiveness. Where is that anguish, that desire that relentless passion to serve Him alone? Why do we turn to man and things this world has to offer us and not to the King of kings, our Creator the One who knows us intimately.

Have we lost the fear of God in our heart? Is that why sin is no longer an issue but merely something we comfortably live with?

It brings to my mind Nehemiah and the walls of Jerusalem when the walls of Jerusalem were torn down. Nehemiah wept, fasted and prayed for days; begging God to stretch out His hand and do something. Well our world is destroying itself; our Jerusalem is falling apart. As a young generation, where is our heart to seek God and beg Him to do new things in our hearts and not to rely on the experience we had when we first met Him when He saved and forgave us. Then we can be part of God’s solution for this crazy world and not part of the problem.

Let me tell you God has not changed but rather we have ….

I am not saying this to stir up your emotions but to cause you to reflect and examine yourself. Its time to run to the author of our faith, our Savior and King Jesus, begging Him to set us free and captivate our hearts, to forgive us for our unfaithfulness and restore our first love for Him. Let’s trust in His mercy and ask that He may relight the fire that once burned strong and bright renewing our first love for Him. The book of Corinthians puts it perfectly by saying: “if I  have not love I am nothing.” And In the words of Charles Spurgeon: ” if Christ is not everything to you, then He means nothing to you ”

So as I examine myself I challenge you to do the same. We need a heart and a passion to reach this God rejecting, technology driven, 21st century generation.  To reach this generation means it must start somewhere. Like with my life, your life, our lives turning to God, determined like Nehemiah that God has a plan amidst this chaos and we can be part of the solution.


Jordan McKenzie

I am Jordan McKenzie, I am based in Mauritius and linked through my local church to the  work and vision of CTMI.  I am an imperfect young man saved by a perfect Saviour.  I am what I am by God’s grace and my only desire is to know more of God than I could ever know about myself. I want more of Him and less of me everyday. No reserve. No retreat. No regrets