No offense

What is better, always having diapers or nappies to change your toddler or your toddler coming to that place where they no longer need them? Diapers have an essential role to play but what if your children were still having to wear them at age 6 or 16?

The forgiveness of the Lord is so precious and so wonderful for each of us. The problem comes when we are continually reliant on his forgiveness in areas that the Lord wants to actually change in us so that we don’t sin, but rather display the character of Christ.

In Luke 23v 34, Jesus at his crucifixion prays “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. He does not pray, “Father I forgive them for what they are doing to me”. You see at this time of the world’s greatest mockery of justice, Jesus carried no offence or bitterness against those who carried it out. He was offense free. He knew that eternal justice required those perpetrators to be brought to account and that is why he asked his Father to forgive them.

Whilst it requires faith to ask the Lord for forgiveness every time we fall, it requires a deeper faith to know that his plan is not just to forgive us but to change us. There is no sweeter victory than when we have lost our temper in certain situations or with certain people many times before and then one day, in that same time of testing, we react with the nature of Christ.

I find for my own life this type of victory is often preceded by a time of brokenness before the Lord and asking him to change me from within. It may well take time, and several more failures but in His timing he brings resurrection life in this area. For me I am humbled through it. I know myself and my inability to change myself. When I do change I known this is the fruit of the work of Christ in me.