Matura Building Opportunity

The joy we have in the CTMI family is the opportunity to participate in seeing the gospel preached and churches born beyond that of our local church. For all of us this is an opportunity to pray for these missions. There will be some of us that will respond to the call to go for a short term and be part of teams that go to evangelise and plant churches. For others this is not possible but their involvement is towards the financial costs involved.

Let the story of Matura in Kenya inspire you to participate in this great work of reaching the nations with the gospel that has touched and changed our lives.

The Matura Story

Stephen Gachengo heads up the East Africa CTMI regional hub. He has a responsibility for more than 250 churches in 6 countries within the East Africa Hub. With all of this responsibility he has never lost the desire to take the gospel back to his own home village of Matura. His mother recently decided to divide up the family land to her family. She decided that part of the land she owned in Matura should be used for the building of a church for the local community. Stephen has seized this opportunity. He has mobilsed whatever local resources were available and on the 25th September construction began on a initial building structure that will seat 100 people. It is a temporary structure that should last at least 10 years which will allow the people attending the opportunity to raise funds to build a more permanent structure. The structure will, subject to funding, be completed by the end of September.
In the build up to the opening of the church, crusades were held each day next to the church. Several local villagers were born again.

On Sunday the 11th September the with much joy, the church was opened. The church was packed and a tent had to be erected to cater for the many people who attended. More than 22 braved the three hour trip from Nairobi to attend the opening.

After thanking the many people who helped to make the project possible, Stephen Gachengo duly declared the church open. He was so happy that a church was finally opened in his rural home. His mother who donated the land and who had prayed for a church to be built there for many years was so happy be there for the opening.

24 persons declared publically their intention going forward to be founding members of the Mutara church including some who had given their lives during the crusade. Not only was there now a building but a core of people who were determined to support this new work in rural Kenya.

How people are already participating from the other churches Franco Monteregge aged 72 from the Bournmouth Church in the UK and Randy Wild from the church in Sarasota, Florida USA and Riaan Smit from Gaborone in Botswana

Franco and Randy both felt a desire to come and have time with the church in Kenya. After sharing their desire with Stephen he help plan a programme for them. Part of the trip would be the physical construction of the church in Matura. Riaan became involved after joining Brian Watts from the Gaborone church who came to conduct a series of meetings in Kenya.

In spite of challenging building conditions including scorchig sun, rain, hail and lots and lots of mud they have persevered and working with some local helpers the church will be on track to be finished. In all of it there has been much joy in serving the Lord in this practical way.

Hear their remarkable testimonies here. Click names for audio testimony.

Franco– where retirement is invested in practical ways of supporting the gospel
Randy– a USA based building contractor with 15 year’s experience in construction finds the challenge of building methods he had only read about in history books
Riaan: an international businessman swops his computer for working with a team that inspires his own zeal for the gospel
Stephen: Elder and CTMI East Africa leader who shared at the crusades and opening of the church
Brian: Elder from Gaborone, Botswana

Apart from prayer you too can participate.

The Kenya church has not asked for financial support in this undertaking. They started in faith and much has been achieved so far. The land was donated and much of the local unskilled labour was voluntarily provided. A lot of the building material was provided on a credit basis to be paid back as soon as possible.
For those of us from the other churches who are here we recognize the wonderful opportunity to support the work here. The reality the costs of this project are not huge and the opportunity for the gospel to be established in this inaccessible part of Kenya are huge. If just a few of the churches participate from outside of Kenya this church will be able to open debt free to allow them to focus on raising funds for a more permanent structure.

Here is how you can participate:

1. Review the list of expenses below
2. Decide what area in your personal capacity or as a local church would like to be involved with
3. In either a personal capacity or as a local church please contact your local CTMI hub coordinator and indicate how much you would like to contribute or the east African hub directly on: eahub@ctmi.org

Building Material USD

Timber 612
Iron sheeting 969
Nails 102
Sand 357
Cement 214
5 windows 765
2 doors 153
Bricks 204
Total 3376

Labour and Transport USD

Skilled labour for the Toilet : pit latrine 204
Skilled labour 1224
Skilled labour cement 173
Feeding the voluntary labour 306
Transport 204
Total 2111

Required for holding services USD

50 chairs: 357