Good bye 2014, Hello 2015

Have you ever taken a wrong turn when driving? You are chatting to a passenger and it takes some time to realise that actually you am heading in the wrong direction. What do you do- continue in the same wrong direction? Of course not. You know where you are going and you want to know that you are going to get there so you turn around and go back to where you can take the correct turn. When you are truly born again as a Christian you want to please God but like the driver sometimes you get distracted and head off in the wrong direction for our lives.

In the early church we see that the people were devoted to celebrating the Lord’s Supper. As we see in 1 Cor 11 v28 this is an opportunity to examine ourselves. This time of reflection with the Lord gives us opportunity to see that we have taken a wrong turn and through his grace repent and return to what he has for our lives. As we break bread, we are reminded that the Lord did not come to do his own thing but rather to be obedient to what his Father had put before him. He did this as an example for us to follow.

Come the end of any year we find ourselves reflecting on the year that has just passed. It is easy to focus on what did I accomplish, what did I achieve or buy or earn? As a Christian this type of reflection makes me no different to anyone in the world. For me the question should not be about what I have done in 2014, but rather what has Christ done in my life? Ephesians 2 v 10 says we are his workmanship. If this is the case then to what extent have I been willing to allow him access to my heart to do whatever was required?

We can easily be discouraged or fooled by situation and circumstances that we have faced in 2014 if our focus is on what we accomplished. You may have faced sickness that has prevented you from attending many church meetings- yet your heart was open to the Lord and he has done many wonderful things in you over the year. This is not a time to be discouraged but to rejoice. On the other hand maybe you were extremely active serving the Lord in many capacities during the year. You were the person everyone could rely on- except your own family. It would be so easy to feel we had done so much for the Lord but in reality you were running away from what he wanted to change in you with respect to your relationships at home. Outward appearance can be so deceptive.

As I face 2015 the desire of my heart is “Lord I am your workmanship; work in me that which is pleasing to you. I want to become everything you desire me to be and accomplish all that you put before me through your grace”