Flocks or Fish?

How often in life do we face choices? Every year, every month, every day!

More often than not, we are faced with a simple “yes or no” decision, or a simple “A or B” decision. I remember writing exams as a young student, we would have multiple choice questions and it was always comforting to know that the right answer was there in front of you (whether you knew the answer or not) and all you had to do was make the right choice.

In the Christian life however, I have found that it is not as simple and it is not as ‘logical’ as that. Often we see things a certain way and through a certain way of thinking, that may not necessarily be what the Lord sees or what He desires us to see.

In Numbers chapter 11 verses 21-32, we read a very interesting account of the people of Israel. God had brought them out of Egypt, He had opened the Red Sea, He had delivered them from their oppressors and He had laden them with gold and silver. How solid their faith must have been, right? Not so! The people became hungry and complained that they were going to die in the desert. Therefore Moses being the leader went before the Lord, and God told him that He would give Israel meat until it came out their ‘nostrils’.

Now, like us, Moses saw in the natural, he saw a multiple choice question before him, he believed God would provide the meat but only saw 2 possible ways for this to happen. So he says to the Lord, ‘shall we slaughter our flocks? Or shall we gather the fish from the sea to provide enough meat?’ Again like us Moses could not fathom what God was about to do.

We see the natural solutions, A, B and C, we see the possible ways God could act or move on our behalf, we see the possible people He may use in our lives BUT we need to learn to wait on Him and see what He sees.

God then replies to Moses, ‘Has the Lord’s arm been shortened?’ I love that statement, God everlasting arm is not short, it reaches everywhere and everyone. Paraphrased the Lord is saying to Moses; after having seen the Red Sea part and the miracles I have accomplished, how is it you have no faith that I will provide food for My people?

Then God proved Himself faithful, unveiling a solution that Moses had not foreseen or envisioned, a flock of Quail flew into the camp of the Israelites 2ft off the ground, and there was meat aplenty for everyone!!

I encourage you, maybe you only see A or B, flocks or fish today as solutions, maybe both options are grim, wait on the Lord don’t be rushed to make a decision, He will cause you to see in the spirit and He will lead you into His solution.


Keegan O’Connell-Jones

Avon River (Partner Church) in Ringwood, UK